Month: December 2015

New floor coming! 12/28 and 12/29. Limited class schedule.

We’re taking up the carpet (on Monday eve) and polishing the concrete floors in the hot room (Tues morn). There will be a slight disruption in the class schedule.   Click here to view the revised schedule for Mon 12/28 and Tues 12/29. Definitely come… Continue Reading “New floor coming! 12/28 and 12/29. Limited class schedule.”

A physical means to a spiritual end

At BYCF, we use physical training as a vehicle for emotional, mental and (sometimes) spiritual transformation. It’s a facet of the practice that isn’t articulated that well or that often. Maybe partly because the transformation is deeply personal and private, and also because it unfolds… Continue Reading “A physical means to a spiritual end”

Community Day Saturday, Dec 19th…Stop by and say hi!

This season, make time and space to celebrate your yoga and the community we have created together!  Community Day Saturday, December 19th Noon to 3pm. Paint a window mural. Make a winter craft. Listen to Hannah’s harp. Hang with your yoga friends, both old and new.… Continue Reading “Community Day Saturday, Dec 19th…Stop by and say hi!”

reclaiming self and solitude

The holiday season has me thinking about alone-ness. These days, solitude gets a bad rep. Many of us equate alone-ness with lack, with deprivation, with sadness, with loneliness, unlove-ability. Solitude can be something else, entirely. It can be a deliberate turning away from the… Continue Reading “reclaiming self and solitude”