What’s on your yoga wish list?

Let’s start the New Year with a BANG! Please a few moments to let us know which new classes and class times are at the top of your wish list for 2016!  

New classes for the new year! Plus extended hours….

The three C’s We’re proud to have built and protected a vibrant and diverse community of students. We’re looking for creative ways to  help each of you stay committed to your health. Extended hours To support your busy schedules, All early-morning Bikram classes will move to 5:30am We’ll introduce 60-minute classes in three new time … Continue reading

Movie Night 11/20: One Giant Leap!

Our next movie night is approaching quickly. On Friday, November 20th, BYCF will be screening 1 Giant Leap. Film starts at 8:15pm in the BYCF lobby. Open and free to all. Join us! Here’s what the artists (Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman) have to say about their film: When we travelled through all five continents to … Continue reading