Costume classes: Friday and Saturday!

‘Fool yourself into getting excited about stepping onto your mat yet again.’ -David Garrigues This is a 30- or 40-year practice, so when you get a chance to have some extra fun. TAKE IT! Halloween Costume classes, all day Friday and Saturday. Best costume in each class gets a free coconut water. Check out our … Continue reading


Bikram yoga builds character using well-tested principles.  William James outlined many of these ideas as early as 1877 in his essay Habit. When you are trying to lead a decent life, you want to make your nervous system your ally and not your enemy. You want to engrave certain habits so deep that they will become natural and instinctual. … Continue reading

BYCF Movie Night: An Ecology Of Mind 10/2 at 8:15pm

Join us! Friday, October 2nd, at 8:15pm in the BYCF Lobby as we watch An Ecology Of Mind. Free of charge. Open to all! AN ECOLOGY OF MIND is a portrait of Gregory Bateson, celebrated anthropologist, philosopher, author, naturalist, and systems theorist. His story is lovingly told by his youngest daughter, Nora, with footage from Gregory’s … Continue reading

Latest pics 10/1

Good people. Good yoga. Thank you all.