Month: September 2015

Clarity, Contrast, Control

Clarity In practice, aim to remain in one of two states: position transition The¬†position, is your personal ideal state of the asana right now. In other words, your final destination, your ultimate individual end-point TODAY. (This is NOT the universal idealized state of the… Continue Reading “Clarity, Contrast, Control”

August31st – Sept 6th: the week in pics

 Hope you all had a great holiday! Practice and all things are coming.

Touch your chin to your chest, throat choked

‘Throat choked, eyes open, breathing normal.’ You will hear this cue many, many times over the course of your practice at BYCF. Your teachers are describing a physical and energetic action known as ‘Jalandhara Bandha’. Jalandhara: net, support Bandha: lock, seal, shut, redirect ‘Like… Continue Reading “Touch your chin to your chest, throat choked”