Clarity, Contrast, Control

The sea and the shore. One could not exist without the other. Just like transition and position.
The shore and the sea: stillness and movement.


In practice, aim to remain in one of two states:

  1. position
  2. transition

The position, is your personal ideal state of the asana right now. In other words, your final destination, your ultimate individual end-point TODAY. (This is NOT the universal idealized state of the asana; it’s not the posture you see on Instagram.)

The transition is your smooth, confident gestural movement towards or away from the asana.

Be clear about the asanas themselves…and the movements that carry you from one asana to the next.

Get out of your head and into your asana.
Get out of your head and into your asana.


There is a tendency to blend these two very distinct states. Aim to define each state clearly and to emphasize the contrast between them.

One is immovable. Steady. Still. Stay there and fully experience it, with a passive, receptive mind.

The other is active and dynamic. Spring into and through the transition. Let the preparation be so thorough that there is absolutely no thought. Only confidence.

Vayu, the god of breath, typically rides a nimble gazelle
Vayu, the god of breath, typically rides a nimble gazelle


This system will allow you to explore, harness and ultimately control the rhythm and quality of your breath.

‘Breathing is an event that involves the whole body. Breath has such a carrying power. It pervades everywhere, like the toning of a bell.

This is why the postures exist.’  -David Garrigues

Learn to ride the rhythm of your breath. Starting now.


Source: OBX Intensive 2015, Lecture by D. Garrigues

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