Month: August 2015

August 10th-16th: the week in pics

 This week was all about the kids! Check out our fabulous young yogis…

August 3rd-9th: The Week in Pictures

These moments moved us. What moves you?

The four R’s that reinforce

Sustaining a lifelong committed practice is a tremendous feat. The four R’s are strategies to help you succeed. 1.Rhythm Realize that all of life is rhythm. Breath has rhythm. Sleep has rhythm. Eating. Working. Each of the essential activities that sustain us has its… Continue Reading “The four R’s that reinforce”

July 27th-August 2nd: This Week in Pictures

Yoga went on vacation this week! Check out our latest images here. And PLEASE send your yoga pics to us at Don’t be shy. Sharing is caring 😉

Week of August 10th: Yoga LAB schedule

Yoga Lab is about curiosity. Where movement illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy and human experience. This is a supplemental series to support your regular (and deeply committed!) Bikram practice. In store for the week of August 3rd: 11:30 am every day… Continue Reading “Week of August 10th: Yoga LAB schedule”