The anatomy of free breathing

Like the simplest single-cell organisms, our bodies expand to take in nourishment from the outside world (e.g. oxygen, food, water) and contract to expel waste back out into the world. We share this basic pulsing rhythm with all living creatures, large and small. It is essential that we are able to fully fill our lungs. It … Continue reading


Imagery can bring energy and ease to your practice. Your body is composed of territories, landscapes and shapes that are as beautiful and inspiring as those found in nature. Next time you practice…and your mind starts to drift…remember these images. Pick one. And fix your attention on it. Imagery works. Still the turnings of your mind, to mimic the … Continue reading

6am classes start 9/14

A consistent, committed yoga practice reinforces the rhythm of your life…and sets the tone for your whole day. Ideally, you want to practice six days a week, in the early morning. To support you in this goal, BYCF will be adding 6am Beginners’ Bikram classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (We will continue to offer … Continue reading

August 24th-30th: the week in pics

This week brought back familiar faces we hadn’t seen in a while…Our runners made us proud…and we pulled together to get work done. As usual, kids and pets were plentiful 😉

Sound and shape

The Bikram practice is for beginners, for householders, for people with full, busy lives in the material, physical world. It provides optimal physical health for a very wide range of folks, in a way that is safe, accessible and inclusive. That said, the yoga operates powerfully on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, even if these … Continue reading