Sound remedies: try something different this Saturday

Bikram yoga is a moving meditation. Three core elements form the foundation of this grounding practice: breathing, asana and gaze (drishti).

You can hear (and feel) your breathing from inside. It’s an auditory tool (a mantra) to help turn your focus inward.

Other forms of sound can have similar healing properties.

kristallklang‘We have known from ancient times that sound–be it the use of bells, singing bowls, chanting, or toning–has a profound healing effect on our energy. Music is one of the most evocative and powerful forms of stimulation, relaxation and rejuvenation that we have. Specific types of music, such as Indian ragas and Native American chanting, can alter our consciousness.

Sound remedies can stimulate deep levels of joy and laughter, release anxiety and a sense of separation, and help us form clear speech and profound thought. They tone the mind, helping us find ease and pleasure, and deepen our inner knowing.

In particular, Tibetans have used singing bowls for healing for unknown numbers of generations. Metal alloys were blended and forged to create singing bowls (bowls that produce a warm tone when struck or stroked with a soft mallet) with perfect pitch. They knew that the proper mixture of certain metals would directly affect the body and open it for healing.

Today, we are developing the wisdom to know how to use sound as medicine.’

Join Lydia Halm and Beth Gibbs for an introduction to and demonstration of crystal singing bowls, followed by a guided meditation.

This Saturday, Feb 7th at 1pm

This event is free and open to all!

Please dress comfortably. No experience necessary. Save a spot by registering online.


Sorry! Jeff Bridges won't be there, even though we love new album and his No Kids Hungry charity, though.
Sorry! Jeff Bridges won’t be there, even though we love his new album and his No Kids Hungry charity.


Source: Natural Healing Wisdom and Know-How


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