Life is not a game of dodgeball

Megan LvR

Let yourself get hit. Good stuff happens then. Let yourself get hit. Good stuff happens then.

We all have within us the ‘artful dodger’. We’re smart that way. In fact, the smarter we are, the dodgier we get. We find myriad ways to avoid the uncomfortable, messy and painful elements of life, both big and small.

Dodging doesn’t help. Yoga does. The things we resist in life…and in practice…are exactly the things that help us the most.

The natural human response to pain is fear, avoidance and denial, yet yoga uses pain as a method of awakening. By learning to accept pain within the safe space of yoga you learn to create a pause between the stimulus of pain and the response in your body and mind that wants to run away. In that powerful pause you are able to choose your course of action instead of being driven by reactionary patterns from the past. The store of accumulated…

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