A trinity of women: Emmy, Mary, Raj

In early August, two hundred women from around the country traveled to Austin, Texas, to study with three leaders in the Bikram community: Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis and Rajashree Choudhury. Joining them was Dr. Lisa Ellis (a dedicated Bikram yogi, who often recommends the practice to her patients). Together, we spent four long days intently … Continue reading

Intense exercise, sweat, and meditation: the cure for modern-day anxiety and pain

Every wonder why you feel SO much better after Bikram? The practice feels so powerful…and mysterious…that senior teacher Chris Fluck describes it as ‘alchemy’. Here, a pain specialist, Dr Giresh Kanji, carefully explains the causes of–and cures for–modern-day anxiety and pain. He describes Bikram yoga to a T. Many thanks to fellow teacher and yogi … Continue reading