Month: February 2013

What are we DOING? WHY? Rajashree answers.

What is the purpose of yoga? Why am I here? Why does it work? Corrinne and Megan recently spent four days with Rajashree carefully (and intensely) examining these questions. Both in theory and in (rigorous) practice. Rajashree is a gorgeous, wise and complex puzzle… Continue Reading “What are we DOING? WHY? Rajashree answers.”

Another chance to dance! Sat 3/16

Open your mind. Move your body. Change the world. Join us for our monthly West African Community Dance Class! Led by Dawn Smelser and the Croatan Drummers Saturday March 16th 1pm No experience required. Beginners, children (of all ages) and wallflowers welcome! $10 suggested… Continue Reading “Another chance to dance! Sat 3/16”

Did you miss our party? It’s not too late…

Photojournalist (and Bikram yogi) Emily Cavan Lynch took a whole bunch of cool pics. If you were here, your likeness was most likely captured. If you weren’t, browse the photos to see what you missed. We’ll dance again in March, this time to raise funds… Continue Reading “Did you miss our party? It’s not too late…”

Raising the bar with Esak Garcia

From the outside, a lot of people think we Bikram Yogis are a little bit crazy: 105 degrees, 40% humidity for an hour and a half four to seven times per week? I guess I can see how this might need a little explaining…… Continue Reading “Raising the bar with Esak Garcia”

Gentle yoga starts this week!

Starting Wednesday, February 6th, BYCF will offer Gentle Yoga each week. The Gentle Yoga class will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 2pm to 3pm. We strongly believe that yoga benefits everybody. Including (and especially) those who require a gentler introduction to the practice. This… Continue Reading “Gentle yoga starts this week!”