Congratulations, racers!

Twenty-two yogis participated in our first-ever Race to The New Year (a.k.a Turkey Trot), which began on Thanksgiving Day and ended on New Year’s Eve.


Congratulations to everyone who participated–and everyone who finished!


Joe Harple, Brenda Leong and Maisy Wootten practiced most often. Way to go, guys!

maisymedalMore than half of the starting field finished the race and won a medal (handpainted with love by yogis and young children). Racers included Erika, Ellen, Maisy, Michele H., Michelle O., Michelle S., Laura, Shetal, Torrie, Brenda, Joe, Joseph, Cindy, Scott, Sandy, Joni, Julie, Una, Corrinne, Darcie and (6)

Did you miss out? Give up? Don’t worry! It’s not too late. Our next group event will start soon. Stay tuned…

Of course, you are always welcome to begin an individual challenge. We have several students undertaking 90-day challenges already this year.  Join them and prepare to be amazed. It’ll change your body, your mind, your life.

What’s more, it’s FUN! Hard to believe, but true nonetheless…


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