With gratitude

We recently received this note from Susan at HomeAid for Africa. Thank you all for opening your minds, moving your bodies and creating a change in the world…

“It was so incredibly kind of you to host last Saturday’s African Dance Workshop to benefit HomeAID for Africa.

American dollars still go a long way in a place like Malawi. The $515 you raised will have a significant positive impact. For example, $10 buys school supplies for two orphans for a year; $30 buys a school uniform and shoes; $50 buys food for an orphan for a year; $60 provides a goat for each of three famlies; and $200 purchases a bicycle ambulance for a village.

I loved your studio and, especially, your commitment to giving to the community, whether local or global. The fact that your hosting the event was a surprise was an added delight.

With gratitude,


Please tell everyone you know about our next Community Dance Class, Saturday, December 15th at 1pm.

It’s a great way to spend time (and have a blast!) with people you know and love. Our small choices and actions can create powerful positive change, both here and across the world.

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