Coming soon: autumnal cleaning for your mind, body and spirit

BYCF is honored to announce that Carolyn Jensen, our senior teacher and certified holistic health counselor, will be offering a Seasonal Supported Cleanse from November 5th to November 7th.

The Seasonal Supported Cleanse is SIMPLE but it is not EASY.

Why Cleanse? Cleansing is an ongoing natural process in the body. A clean diet helps to free energy for our bodies to focus on self-healing.

Following a cleansing diet for just three days can: •ease digestion •ward off headaches •reduce bloating •increase energy •improve concentration and mood •reduce sensitivity to allergens •heighten our natural ability to ward off colds and flu •slow and prevent premature aging and disease

What is a cleanse program?   Jensen’s supported cleanse program is a three day program of real food, real supplements, and easy to follow lifestyle practices. Anyone can follow this easy and gentle program designed to allow the body the opportunity to do what it does so well ~ repair, maintain, and improve.

What is included in the program?

  • 3 day menu
  • complete grocery list
  • an hour by hour daily guided practice to help facilitate the detox
  • an invitation to the Sunday Kickoff conference call – not to be missed!
  • full support of a team of specialists.  Carolyn Jensen, CHHC;  Colleen Gerg,MS RD; and Sarah Murphy, MS CH
  • nightly group meditation practice designed to support your success.
  • the collective energy and support that is generated when a group enters into a healing program

Carolyn’s intention in creating this program is in response to the challenges she experienced in her own seasonal cleanse.

  • Before she began, she wanted to know exactly what to eat and exactly not to eat. (The mind it tricky! it can make you think you really need that ….. you fill in the blank:)
  • She wanted to have someone along with me for the ride! Support is so important to the human psyche.
  • She wanted to have a tried and true system that works, one that supports the body fully in getting rid of what it doesn’t need and to do the healing that it does so well given half the chance.

You have that system in your hands.

The program begins with your INTENTION.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment by moment of the Cleanse… “Is it time for tea? what is for lunch? Will this meeting be over in time to eat my snack?” A great amount of energy is expended on learning new recipes, shopping for ingredients & finally preparing meals. Energy is expended on self-care… Skin brushing, oil massage, taking time to drink detox teas and lots of alkalizing water.

Find a moment to sit with your intention for starting this program. To begin a new healthy regimen? To lose weight? To clear your mind? To learn about new foods? To relieve seasonal allergies? To regain energy? To begin a path to healing? You can receive all of those benefits and more.

The full program costs only $125. Register now at Carolyn Jensen’s website

Contact her here

Or take her class at BYCF, usually Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30am.

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