Attention challengers, your signature is required!

Have you seen the mural that has gradually—and beautifully–taken shape in our hot room? It’s for you!

BYCF yogi Lynne Niehaus created our Challenge Wall, which is reserved specially for students who have completed a 30-, 60- or 90-day challenge at the studio.

Challengers, please sign the wall, wherever and however you wish: inside a frame, outside a frame, top, bottom, big or small. You may also choose a favorite quote, share your wisdom, or make a joke. Special permanent pens are available at the front desk. (We kindly ask that you keep your contributions g-rated and positive.)

“Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute.” – Riley

This is the first in a series of murals, to be painted around the studio in the coming months. Says Lynne, “I have the other murals in my head, too. The colors will complement each other.”

Niehaus chose to paint frames, “that represent every facet of who we are, from our roughest self to our most honed. Rustic and sculptural. Painted and natural. Golden and raw wood.”

Lynne is trained as a molecular biologist. “My parents thought I was too smart to be an artist, so I went into science. And I did like it. The most basic, universal aspects of it. Those aspects that were closest to nature.” When Lynne followed her husband to rural Texas, there was nowhere to do what she was trained to do.

So she began painting—mostly fine arts—and selling her work through a local gallery. Says Niehaus, “no canvas seemed big enough, and I never developed my own style. I loved painting for other people, taking others’ ideas and making them real.”

Not only is Niehaus an artist, she is also a dedicated Bikram yogi. She found the practice years ago, through another mom, when her daughter (now 16) was in preschool. Those were the olden days, when certified Bikram studios were rare. Lynne and a group of moms rented a room in Newark, DE, turned the heat up really high, and practiced along with bootleg Bikram tapes. “I loved it. I had danced when I was younger, and I really missed challenging my body. I was naturally flexible, and I hated running. This practice felt RIGHT for my body.”

When Lynne’s marriage disintegrated, the practice showed her that her life needed to change. And it gave her the strength to move forward. Says Niehaus, “I was in a very challenging marriage. Yoga gave me a place to run to, to escape, to be gone. I found a part of myself that I had lost. I needed to climb a mountain to get out of my marriage. Bikram yoga gave me the legs to climb that mountain.”

Recently returned to her practice, Lynne says she feels wonderful, grounded and creative. “All this painting is hard on my body. In only a matter of weeks, I feel so much better. And I have my most wonderful ideas right after yoga.”

Come join Lynne in the hot room. Find your ‘mountain legs’ and gets some wonderful ideas.  Maybe even participate in our next group challenge, so you can write on the Challenge Wall. Our next studio challenge starts October 17th.

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