No excuses, says Marybeth!

Marybeth and Grace

Marybeth Gordon of Bikram Yoga Exton is headed to LA for 9 weeks of intensive teacher training with Bikram Choudhury.

We are fortunate that Marybeth, Scott and Grace Gordon all visit Chadds Ford to practice occasionally, too. This yoga has changed Marybeth’s life. Read her inspiring letter to Kristin Sapp, founder of Bikram Yoga Exton…

“Where do I start…  with a huge thank you to Kristin Sapp for opening Bikram Yoga Exton.  It changed my life!

Kristin Sapp, fearless founder of Bikram Yoga Exton

I took my first class the day the studio opened. I entered the room with so many old injuries-I didn’t even notice the heat- all I was hoping for was to touch my toes.  I am 40 years old and my body has been through a lot.  In 2001 I ruptured a disc in my lower back and had surgery.  I then got a staph infection in my spine and needed yet another back surgery.  It took 4 months to recover and left me with numbness and other issues that would haunt me including bulging discs.
In 2006, I broke my left ankle. In 2010, I had an accident on a horse that led to surgery for a torn rotator cuff and labrum, along with a neck injury that caused a bone spur on one of my vertabrae. In 2011, I was thrown from a horse breaking several ribs, losing a considerable amount of blood, having my gall bladder removed, and again hurting my back.
I have been very hard on this body. The day I started Bikram Yoga was the best day for my body!  I never stopped going & Kristin never stopped believing in me. There were days when I cried, crawled, laughed, took a knee, and so much more in that room. It doesn’t matter, you get what you get, there are good days and bad, but you always find yourself.
I am a better mother, wife, & friend.  I love seeing all of my friends at the studio and practicing next to my best friend and husband, Scott. He’s as addicted as I am!
I went to the doctor for a physical recently.  I am in great health & down 25 pounds from my last physical in Oct. 2011. That’s less than a year – no pills, no shakes, no diets – just healthy eating and lots and lots of water and Bikram Yoga!
Now I’m off to teacher training, thanks to my wonderful husband, to “pay it forward.”
My back feels awesome!  I don’t even want to think about where I’d be without Bikram Yoga.
Check out the posture in the picture…  when I started Bikram Yoga in November, I couldn’t even hold my foot up with my knee bent for one set! Thank you again to Kristin and all the teachers who have helped me become healthier.

If I can get this healthy, so can you.  No excuses!”

One Response to “No excuses, says Marybeth!”
  1. Jen Long says:

    What an inspiration you are! I just started BY about 3 weeks ago and I, too, have a very bad back. My body feels completely out of my control right now (though I know it really isn’t) and I’m hoping that BY will help me heal and/or strengthen my back and lose the last 30 pounds I need to shed. My L4 disc is degenerating due to an injury years ago, and is made so much worse because my job is so sedentary (graphic designer–sit at my computer all day long). I just wanted to ask you how many times a week you attend BY in order to achieve the healing and weight loss results you described. I currently attend 2x/week b/c my schedule is so full, but I plan to add a third day, if at all possible. If I find out that I need to attend much more often in order to heal my body, I’ll do it! I love BY regardless of the healing it provides, but I’m truly hoping it can bring me some relief b/c I’m 42 and lately, I feel 82. Its a terrible feeling. Any gidance you can offer, based on your experience, would be SOOOOO appreciated!

    Thanks and best of luck in teacher training–im sure you’ll kick some BY tail!

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