Month: July 2012

Sleep late this Sunday!

Morning classes are cancelled on Sunday, August 5th. One class only at 3:30pm. This Sunday only. (So we can clean the carpets and install additional mirrors.) That means you can sleep late! Extra long Sunday morning Savasana… Register online right here.

Exactly forehead, exactly knee

Next is Separate Leg Head to Knee posture. This posture may not be particularly glamorous (sweat dripping in your eyes and your nose) but it is a powerhouse. Don’t cheat yourself. Get your exactly forehead to touch your exactly knee. Strengthens: Abdomen Thighs Calves… Continue Reading “Exactly forehead, exactly knee”

One big lovable family

By Jane Clark The picture that I have always held in my mind of what it means to spend time with family is one around the dinner table. I grew up in a family with two sisters and my parents. We were all very… Continue Reading “One big lovable family”

Our very own archer

“We’ve all had a first day, and it can be hot and aggravating.” Claudia Eisenmann clearly remembers her first day at BYCF. She took Chris Fluck’s class on a Saturday morning. She recalls standing there shaking her head, with her jaw hanging open, thinking… Continue Reading “Our very own archer”

Stillness matters.

By now, you have surely heard us ask you to hold stillness in the postures–and in the moments between the postures. The stillness is very important. If you carefully cultivate it on an every-day basis, it will be there to help you when you… Continue Reading “Stillness matters.”