Month: May 2012

Which one do you love the MOST?

You spend lots of time in the hot room. If you are like us, you think about the hot room, even where you aren’t doing yoga. So what’s your favorite posture today? We want to know!

What is he REALLY like?

Yogi Kate recently traveled to Europe to attend an Advanced Seminar with Bikram Choudhury. Here, she reports her findings on Bikram, the man. First, the disclaimer: obviously, a full impression can not be garnered from a one-week seminar. As much as I would love… Continue Reading “What is he REALLY like?”

Mission Accomplished.

Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford is pleased to announce the completion of its first “30-day challenge” since opening in February of this year. Megan Lynch van Riet and Healther Dunghe, co-owners of the studio, posed this challenge to the residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware:… Continue Reading “Mission Accomplished.”

Yoga: Your healthcare system.

This is serious stuff. It affects your quality of life, your ability to move through your days with strength, flexibility and balance. Check out the numbers, and then get yourself to the hot room! We’ll see you there… The graph below shows that 77… Continue Reading “Yoga: Your healthcare system.”

Our Challengers ROCK!!!!

On Friday, Margaret & Meredith led the pack! They finished ahead of schedule…and looked breathtakingly beautiful, too. Proof that yoga does a body–and a soul–good! Here’s a bunch of pics…interviews and additional photos to follow… We are deeply honored to be part of each… Continue Reading “Our Challengers ROCK!!!!”