Month: May 2012

90 classes and a new body, mind, life…

You may already know the yoga is a powerful healing tool. Read on to learn how it has changed life for one of our most loyal practitioners, Stacey. Go, Stacey!!! Hi, my name is Stacey Cutler and I am excited to share with you… Continue Reading “90 classes and a new body, mind, life…”

Real Dads Do Yoga

Fatherhood: The True Meaning of Yoga, by Jane Clark Birkam Choudhury had two kids, a daughter named Laju and a son, Anurag.  Both of his children practice advanced yoga postures and are thought to be inspirational yogis themselves. You don’t really hear much about… Continue Reading “Real Dads Do Yoga”

To party or not?

We are pretty sure you have an opinion on drinking during practice. We wanna know what you think, what you do now–and what you aspire to do. Take our poll and tell us. Party. Time. Have a little sip of water. If you want… Continue Reading “To party or not?”

80/20 Breathing? What’s that?

“You can learn to observe healthier breathing patterns while you are doing yoga postures; then you can carry the refined habits over into your daily life.” -Anatomy of Hatha Yoga For Half Moon and many of the back-bending postures, we use 80/20 breathing. Inhale… Continue Reading “80/20 Breathing? What’s that?”

Thank you, Mary Jarvis!

photo by Mary Jarvis

This past Sunday, Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford had the privilege of spending the day with Mary Jarvis, senior Bikram teacher and founder of Global Yoga in San Francisco. About thirty years ago, Mary walked by Bikram’s San Francisco studio and was compelled to go… Continue Reading “Thank you, Mary Jarvis!”