Thayne to teach this Saturday!

Thayne Dibble, photo by Ken Zane

We are proud to announce that Thayne Dibble will be teaching both the 7:30am and 9:30am classes this Saturday, February 25th.

Thayne has been certified to teach by the Bikram Yoga College of India. Furthermore, she has participated in the Bishnu Gosh Yoga Asana Competition and qualified to compete at the national level. At her Teacher Training, Thayne was selected by Bikram Choudhury to perform at the graduation ceremony.

Dibble is a member of the Jean Ruddy Dance company. She began studying classical ballet at the age of 3. This spring, she will earn a degree in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Thayne has built a breathtakingly beautiful yoga practice. Because her practice is so advanced, her teaching is nuanced. She provides advanced and subtle corrections. However, her long dance history means that she has deep compassion for students who are injured. Thayne has worked hard to get where she is today–and gladly teaches students of all levels.

Come meet her Saturday!

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