BYCF = Bikram Yoga Chris Fluck

BYCF = Bikram Yoga Chris Fluck.

We are proud to announce that Chris Fluck has joined our team! Chris will teach the Saturday morning classes on a permanent basis, effective immediately.

Students young and old, beginning and advanced, will benefit from his thorough training, extensive experience and compassionate teaching. Join us on Saturdays and give Chris the warm welcome he deserves!

Chris Fluck was raised in Bethlehem PA and spent 10 years scaling the frames of tall buildings as an ironworker and drumming for heavy metal bands before finding two of his true passions, acting and yoga.

Introduced to yoga in 1999 as part of training for vocal projection on the stage, Chris found the Bikram series in 2001. In addition to being an important vehicle toward personal transformation for Chris, Bikram was a style well-suited to help him overcome several persistent physical injuries. Chris attended Bikram training in the fall of 2002, where he won the award for Best Dialogue.

Outgoing, friendly and sincere, Chris is truly committed to sharing Bikram with others. His positive, energetic and hands-on approach to helping students achieve their full potential in class is both comforting and inspiring. “Dig one well, and dig it deep,” says Chris about his practice.

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