“Frequency. Precision. Intensity. These are the keys…”

“Frequency. Precision. Intensity. These are the keys to unlocking the treasures of Bikram Yoga.” -Emmy Cleaves, senior teacher We’re getting so many questions about the yoga! Thought you all might enjoy this classic interview with Emmy Cleaves, Bikram’s most senior teacher. Emmy is in her mid (late?) 80s. She practices nearly every day. She also … Continue reading

Forever balanced, equal and simultaneous, 50/50

Next is Standing Bow Pulling Pose. “As impossible as this pose seems the first time you  try it, it is the pose people seem to resent the least–and are the most anxious to perform and perfect. It just looks so pretty!” ~Bikram Choudhury Like Standing Head to Knee, this pose helps develop concentration, patience and … Continue reading

Letting go…

A quick little post on the elusive final element of Standing Head To Knee… Letting Go! Anything taken to its extreme becomes its exact opposite. Like ice burns the skin. Extreme effort becomes complete relaxation. Precise control in the posture allows you to let go…

Standing leg LOCKED!

Standing Head To Knee Wipe your hands, shift your weight, grab your foot! Strengthens: Quadriceps muscles Trapezius Biceps Latissmus Dorsi Abdominal muscles   Stretches: Back Shoulders Hamstrings   Stimulates: Pancreas Thyroid, Para-Thyroid (in full expression of the posture) Thymus (in full expression) Digestive organs Reproductive organs Kidneys Heart   Benefits: Cultivates concentration, determination, faith, self-control and … Continue reading

Party time!

Have a little sip of water. If you want it. (You don’t need it.) “If you don’t want it, skip it,” Chris Fluck No talking. No wiping. Best. Party. Ever.