Month: November 2011

Come down and push…and push…and push!

Next is Half Moon pose, Ardha Chandrasana Strengthens: Every muscle in the center of the body, Abdominal muscles, Back. Stretches: Spine, Shoulders. Stimulates: Kidneys, Liver, Spleen, Lymphatic glands Respiratory system. Benefits: Trims fat all over the body: thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, arms and abdomen.… Continue Reading “Come down and push…and push…and push!”

Start, please…

pic by Bennie Shapiro

Pranayama Breathing, deep breathing, Good for the lungs and respiratory system… Sound familiar? I hope so! Strengthens: shoulders and deltoids Stretches: Intercostal muscles, Ribcage, 
Shoulder joints, 
Ocular nerves. Stimulates: Lungs, 
Nervous system, 
Circulatory system. Benefits: 
Increases lung capacity. 
Increases lung efficiency. 
Opens the… Continue Reading “Start, please…”

Rock star days are coming

Even though the series is the same every day–26 and 2–you never quite know what’s going to happen in the hot room. Sometimes you walk in feeling like death on toast, but you look and feel like a rock star as soon as Pranayama… Continue Reading “Rock star days are coming”

Practice and all is coming

I love it when a yogi sets up in a very modest spot in the room–and then proceeds to completely rock the practice. When you are standing in the back, in the corner, someplace nobody’s watching you, and still working your butt off. Now,… Continue Reading “Practice and all is coming”

Invest in yourself

So, the contractor called me yesterday (very normal) to tell me that the studio build-out might end up costing a whoooooooole lot more than we had budgeted (not so normal). I mean tens-of-thousands-of-dollars more. Those Bikram Superpowers seem to be working, though, because I… Continue Reading “Invest in yourself”