Month: November 2011

Bizzaro Bikram

Today, I did something bad. Something very, very bad. (Sort of…don’t get too worried. It was only yoga.) I went to a bootleg Bikram class. There aren’t a lot of certified Bikram teachers here in South Africa. There’s only one official Bikram class each… Continue Reading “Bizzaro Bikram”

Last chance, lock your knees!

Next is Padahastasana, Hands-to-Feet pose Strengthens: Biceps, 
Deltoids, Trapezius
, Quadriceps
, Calf muscles, 
Rectus abdominis. Stretches: 
Sciatic nerve, 
Tendons and ligaments of the legs, 
Shoulders. Stimulates: 
Pineal and pituitary glands, 
Kidneys, Pancreas. Padahastasana is the first forward bend in the Bikram series.… Continue Reading “Last chance, lock your knees!”

Yep, she’s a yogi, too…

“Well begun is half done,” –Mary Poppins, via senior teacher Carolyn Jensen Just started practicing? Struggling to glue your palms together, lock your knee, grab your foot, figure out what-the-@#$! the teacher means? Don’t worry! You may already be more advanced than the experienced… Continue Reading “Yep, she’s a yogi, too…”

Everybody together…Don’t be scared!

Next is backward bending. Your back might hurt like hell! Don’t be scared… Strengthens:  Deltoids, Trapezius, Obliques, Rectus abdominis, Gluteus maximus. Stretches: Shoulders, Spine, 

Hips. Stimulates: Circulatory system, Heart, Liver, Nervous system, Endocrine system (thyroid and parathyroid). Back bending realigns and heals the spine. As… Continue Reading “Everybody together…Don’t be scared!”

Instant family…

Just started practicing Bikram yoga? Welcome to the family! One of the coolest–and most unexpected–fringe benefits of Bikram yoga is all of the relationships it brings into your life. I’ve been in Cape Town for only 16 hours–and already I have taught my first… Continue Reading “Instant family…”