Instant family…

Sy, Bikram teacher, owner of Jai Yoga Cape Town

Just started practicing Bikram yoga? Welcome to the family!

One of the coolest–and most unexpected–fringe benefits of Bikram yoga is all of the relationships it brings into your life. I’ve been in Cape Town for only 16 hours–and already I have taught my first Bikram class here. In a few hours, I’m heading back to the studio to practice.

None of this was arranged beforehand–I’m here on vacation–but that’s just how we roll in Bikram Land.

Pictured, left, is Sy, who opened his studio here 18 months ago. He almost jumped over the desk this morning when we all showed up to practice. Happy to see new students, even happier to see a fellow teacher. That meant Sy got to practice, instead of teach. There’s never enough yoga to go around, especially for new studio owners.

Establish a regular practice and–before you know it–you’ll have a huge extended yoga family. Complete with lovable and eccentric characters, just like your family of origin.

Make sure you practice today, if you haven’t already. Your Bikram family misses you.

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