Rock star days are coming

Watch out for the yoga bus!

Even though the series is the same every day–26 and 2–you never quite know what’s going to happen in the hot room. Sometimes you walk in feeling like death on toast, but you look and feel like a rock star as soon as Pranayama starts. That’s fun.

Other days, you get hit by the yoga bus. You are unexpectedly and intensely dizzy, nauseous and miserable. Moving meditation is no longer your goal. It all gets really simple. To breathe and survive. That’s all you want.

Bikram’s series is powerfully mysterious. It can  throw you for a loop, even after ten years of daily practice  and disciplined, proven preparation.

Just when you think, “I might actually make it. Maybe I’ll be ok,” the yoga bus backs up and runs you over once again.

If that happened today, be happy.

Rock star days are coming.

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