Practice and all is coming

Malea Meyer, SLHTK, photo by Kenneth Zane

I love it when a yogi sets up in a very modest spot in the room–and then proceeds to completely rock the practice. When you are standing in the back, in the corner, someplace nobody’s watching you, and still working your butt off. Now, that’s Bikram yoga.

That’s exactly what Philadelphia yogi did Kenneth during last night’s 7:30 class.

Look at Separate Leg Head To Knee pose, pictured left. And think about it. It’s a good barometer. Is your forehead always on your knee? Are you struggling to keep hands in namaskar–without interruption, without intermission? Because that’s the posture.

And that’s exactly what Kenneth did last night, hidden in the corner. It was breathtaking–for me, as his teacher. For Kenneth, too–in the literal sense. It’s hard to breathe with your throat choked.

To quote senior teacher Chris Fluck, ‘the juice is worth the squeeze, my friends’. In other words, work your butt off, even if you don’t think anyone’s watching.

Practice and all is coming.

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