How have you changed?

Flower petals blooming

How have you changed since starting to practice Bikram yoga?

Next time you are standing on your mat, feet together neatly. Think about it. Just for a second. And prepare to be amazed.

Try this little exercise. Think of a noun, any noun. Now, use that noun to fill in the blank below:

Bikram yoga is transforming my _______.

Is your particular statement true? You Betcha! Even if it’s ridiculous, it’s still true.

I thought I understood how radically Bikram yoga had transformed my body, my mind, my life, my marriage. And I was thrilled with the changes. We all were. I thought the good stuff had mostly already happened.

Then I decided to open Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford.

KAZAM! I get to start all over again. Beginner’s Mind, Beginner’s Way.

What’s the best part? You get a fresh start, a new beginning, too.

The studio hasn’t even opened its doors. Already it is a gift–from the universe to me, from me to my teachers. From all of us, to all of you, our future practitioners. I’m so glad we get to enjoy this particular gift together.

Feet together neatly on the line, start, please!

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